Kushi Kushi Battle in Koenji

kushikushi foodcourt

This was the first of three festivities in Koenji today.

“Kushi” (串) is “skewer” in Japanese. It is one of the few kanji that is actually recognizable as a pictogram. It is also an effective way to serve up easy edibles. Seafood, veggies, meat – anything that can fit on a stick goes on a stick. The countless number of yakitori joints throughout the nation are testament to how much the Japanese love skewered meals.

This weekend (Nov 22-23), a few steps down from Koenji Station’s south exit, the Hikawa Shrine grounds become the Food Court for the “Kushi Kushi Battle in Koenji“. The War has been waging since November 8th.

You can download the Guide Book (PDF) for a full schedule.

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