The Koenji Rice Rice Meal Meal Project

おにぎりの共食い Rice ball cannibal
Rice ball cannibal

Twenty shops, ten tickets, one stomach. And fifteen-hundred yen. The rice event of the year went down in Koenji today: The G-Meshi 88 (or Gメシ★88 or Gohan Meshi). Gohan, by the way, is Japanese for “cooked rice” or “meal”. And meshi is Japanese for “cooked rice” or “meal”. No, that’s not typo.

It was our third festival in Koenji today. And it was the social and media event of the afternoon. There were reporters, cameramen, tourists and “tarento” (television talent). Yours truly was even interviewed by TV Asahi (basically saying “oishii” a half-dozen times). For JPY 1,500 (about 12 to 20 bucks depending on how the bankers feel) you receive 10 tickets redeemable at the 20 participating establishments.

My personal G-meshi program (dish in brackets) went like this:

  1. ネパール料理 KHANA (momo)
  2. 酔っ手羽  (chicken karaage)
  3. PUB カレン (Filipino adobo)
  4. トマト畑の仲間たち  (tomato chicken)
  5. 一期一会 (raw tuna)
  6. 牛八 (rump roast)
  7. 沢 (collagen beef tendon)
  8. はまちょう-2 (burdock & squid)
  9. 明神丸 (takoyaki croquette)
  10. バリトラ (minced chicken)

The winner in my books (which is supposed to be the dish that is best with rice) was the コラーゲン牛スジ焼き (collagen gyu sujiyaki) at 沢 (Sawa), number seven on my list.

Visit G-Meshi’s Facebook page for more photos and info.


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