Sato Burian: Nine Cuts of Meat


After waiting the requisite month for our dinner reservation to arrive, I finally got to see (and taste) what all the fuss is about. Sato Burian (a play on “chateaubriand” in case you didn’t pick up on that) has two small locations in Asagaya serving up high-grade cuts of Japanese beef. Most of the meat we had tonight was from Kyushu (Kumamoto and Kagoshima). For around JPY 10,000 (including a couple drinks) we got a nine-cut course of some of the best meat I’ve ever tasted.

Dinner kicked off with a small serving of delicious beef stew, met midway with a light green salad, and finished with a penultimate cold noodle soup preceding a scoop of lemon sorbet. Not bad for a hundred bucks.

Specifically, our course of cuts went like this:

  1. Tan (tongue) タン
  2. Harami (skirt steak) ハラミ
  3. Kamenokou (round part one) カメノコウ
  4. Tomosankaku (short plate) 友三角
  5. Shinshin (round part two) シンシン
  6. Ranpu (rump) ランプ
  7. Nikumomo (top round) 肉モモ
  8. Hiresuki (filet, mixed with with raw egg) ヒレスキ
  9. Shatoburian (chateaubriand) シャトーブリアン

Reservations required. In advance. Far in advance.

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