Good Morning Asagaya

I finally sat down for a meal in the cafe section of my favorite local bakery. Bakery Good Morning Asagaya (ベーカリー・グッドモーニング) bakes up a delicious selection of sourdough, rye and other breads. The round style loaves that are great for hollowing out for dips. They also make a tasty (albeit less healthy) bacon-cheese-onion loaf.

For an early lunch on Saturday I discovered they also whip up a decent clam chowder and an amazing quiche. Lunch sets are JPY 800 and come with free refills of coffee and bottomless baskets of bread.

They are located at the south end of the Pearl Centre Shotengai (map below).

Clam chowder lunch set
Clam chowder lunch set

Here’s the shop info:

電話 (tel): 03 5305 0886
Fax: 03 5305 0884


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  1. mikaelahuang says:

    I really appreciate your lifestyle about recording those little surprises in life, please keep updating! 🙂


    1. lazysupper says:

      Thank you! That’s great to hear. 🙂


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