Za Market of Za Koenji

Za Koenji is a public theatre for contemporary performing arts on the north side of the JR tracks near Kannana-Dori. Funded by the city of Suginami and managed by an NPO, the theatre produces, presents and supports a wide range of cultural activities from drama and dance to music and storytelling — and beyond. This weekend its market, Za No Ichi, is in operation out front with local and nearby vendors offering up a variety of foods and handmade goods.

Olive oil, tahini, incredible mixes spices and date jam from Palestine, supported through an NPO.
Senior ladies from Rikuzentakata, Iwate (which was wiped off the map by the tsunami of the Tohoku Earthquake) are repurposing kimonos into very cool shirts for men.
Sugar-free, organic handmade strawberry jam from Tochigi, organic strawberries, curry pan from Ogikubo, and no additives, freeze dried vegetables soup mix.



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