Sincere Gelato… and Damn Good Coffee

Gelato Master Nakai Yosuke wants to bring the experience of small town Italy to Tokyo. And he does so with his elegant gelato shop just north of Asagaya Station. It’s down the hill at the end of Shouwakai Shotengai, but definitely worth the short hike.

With perennial standards like pistachio (the must-try flavour), Gelateria Sincertia also has seasonal flavours, keeping the menu fresh and new.

This goes for winter as well. In a news article a couple years ago, Nakai looked on the bright side of “ice cream” sales in the winter. “During the cold months, we have more time compared with summer, so we’re able to make time-consuming gelato flavors.”

After experiencing an assault on my physical being by “gelato” in Las Vegas year — two massive globs of the thickest, sweetest, creamiest frozen substance ever created by man — it was nice to happen upon Sincerita. Where subtlety and nuance exists. There is an artistry to making gelato. Sincertia is a gallery worth visiting.

They also make a damn fine cup of coffee.

(Postscript: 3 months after posting this, with the above final line alluding to Agent Cooper’s approval of coffee in Twin Peaks many years, I stumble upon this article posted 17 hours ago in The Independent: David Lynch remade Twin Peaks for a (presumably damn good) Japanese coffee company. Sincerita’s coffee is, of course, much better than the canned Georgia Coffee being peddled in the TV spots.)


Gelateria Sincerita
Descriptions for all flavours
The selection
The selection
Shop info:
Gelateria Sincerita
Asagaya Kita 1-43-7
Suginami, Tokyo 〒166-0001
Tel: 03-5364-9430
Lunch: 11:00 to 21:00 (7 days)
Twitter: @sincerita0311

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