61st Asagaya Tanabata Festival

Dating back to 755 AD in Japan, Asagaya has hosted its own annual Tanabata Matsuri (Seventh Night Festival) since 1954. Tanabata festivals are held throughout Japan, some held in July and some in August.

While timing and traditions vary by region they usually involve some form of decoration display or competition. The Suginami-ku Tanabata Festival is a five-day celebration with a giant decoration contest held along Pearl Shotengai. Organizations, kids, and shop owners along the shotengai design and create large (and sometimes elaborate) ornaments out of papier-mâché and other materials. They are raised on wires and suspended mid-air along the entire length of the shopping arcade.

As with all festivals in Japan there are many food vendors and drink stands.It runs this year from Wednesday August 5th to Sunday the 9th.

This year they have also announced the Top 100 decorations of the past 60 years. Check out the sexy & swingin’ display from 1980 below to get an idea of just how elaborate they can get.

The Best From 1980
The best of 1980


Event info:
Suginami Tanabata Festival
Pearl Shotengai
Date: August 5-9th

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