“KoenjiFes” Street Festival 2015

This past weekend (Oct 31-Nov 1) Koenji played host to its ever-growing street festival called Koenjifes. Just more to add to the towering pile of evidence that Koenjagaya is the coolest district in Tokyo.

Koenjifes is a two-day street festival that began just a few years ago in 2011. Up and down the village’s many shotengai (shopping streets) there are musicians, magicians and mascots. Jazz, ska, folk and classic rock. Dance competitions, cosplay and a kid’s show. Chalk artists, a secondhand & handmade market, and of course food stalls. And don’t forget the sports — bike polo and pro wrestling!

The festival has grown considerably in these past few years and it was very evident this weekend. Last year’s festival drew a crowd of around a hundred thousand. It felt like that and then some this year.

Here are a few of the great performances in this 10-minute video on the new Koenjagaya Youtube channel. A few photos follow below.







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