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During some random, directionless wandering of the neighbourhood today, I came upon not only the impressive campus of Nihon University Second High & High School, I also found a new bakery: Home Bakery Pop (ホームベーカリーPOP).

Even though it falls just outside the border of Koenjagaya and it’s a small shop with not a huge selection, it’s got a great facade. It’s the storefront and signage that got me to stop in the first place.

After taking a few pictures of the shop it only made sense to venture inside. I’m pretty sure I was met by the original owner and perhaps her middle-aged son, both very friendly, with the latter offering me a “thank you and have a nice day” in English.

I decided to try their “kare pan” (カレーパン or curry bread), a good litmus test for any Japanese bakery. My wife declared it has a “natsukashii” (懐かしい or nostalgic) flavour, indicating a not too spicy, homemade taste. So they certainly live up to their shop name in that regard.

I also got a cream cheese & raisin bun — soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, freckled with big, juicy raisins and stuffed full of sweet cream cheese. It was good.

Pop is worth popping into if you’re in the area. Better if you like “vintage” signs and storefronts still in their original operation.

The wonderful storefront
Cream cheese & raisin bun
Curry bread (カレーパン)
Shop info:
Home Bakery Pop
2-4-3 Honamanuma
Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0031
Tel: (03) 3399-3835
Closed Sundays
Website: none found
Email: none found
Twitter: none found

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