Double Street Day in Asagaya Tomorrow

There are two street events worth visiting tomorrow. Sure, it’s short notice, but then again, this isn’t really a blog about upcoming events.

The first, which I have mentioned before in this post here, is Asagaya Morning Market (“Asaichi” or 朝市)on Shouwakai, a few minutes north of Asagaya Station. As it’s name suggest, it’s good to head there early. However, as this is still Tokyo, don’t head there too early as it doesn’t start until 11:00 AM. It runs until five.

The second event is the Ichibangai Adult Fair (“Otona No Ennichi” or 大人の縁日). Before you get excited (or frightened) it’s not what it sounds like. A better translation would “Block Party”. It’s basically a street festival with no raison d’etre other to be a festival. Eat. Drink. Dance. There will be musicians and street performers.

Ichibangai begins at its intersection with the northern mouth of Pearl Shotengai. Right where that gastrointestinal holocaust masquerading as a global burger chain is located.

You can find a map of Ichbangai here and the festival also has a Facebook page (from last year’s event).


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