Tanabata Trumps All

An increase in Asagaya’s population by one has kept me rather busy lately. However, between diaper changes, I did find time to take a quick stroll down Pearl Shotengai for this years Tanabata Festival.

There were, of course, the standard players–Toy Story, Minions, Doraemon and Anpanman. Nejime had their traditional Japanese display done in colourful fabrics. Inageya (稲毛屋) Unagi/Yakitori didn’t disappoint, with their trio of dancing bears (they have animatronics every year). And the electronics shop had their usual massive mechanical mural–this year with a giant gorilla and an actually-swinging Tarzan.

And then there is my favorite subversive, who always puts a political message on his papier-mâché creation. He (or she or they) have targeted Abe and TEPCO in recent years. However, this year was perhaps their crowning achievement–a giant Donald Trump holding a royal flush behind his back. On his front, is a large black sign with bold white print: “Make America Hate Again. Wow… The Strongest Pi, Pig“.

Asagaya Tanabata 2016

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