Losing Victory 

July marked the end of an era in Asagaya,  at least for some joren (regular customers), with the closing of a great little sandwich shop. Victory Cafe closed its doors for good. 

It was a spacious cafe with a large selection of sandwiches, which you could choose to have toasted in a sandwich press if you so desired. Their freshly made sandwiches were a key part of their morning and lunch sets, which included a coffee for ¥400-500.

Add-ons included crispy french fries and perfectly fried, honest to goodness, Western-style  onion rings.  Something else that’s difficult to find in Tokyo, a cup of coffee was reasonably priced at ¥240, much better than the ¥600 cups of weak brown water commonly found  in Japan. 

Victory also holds a special place in my heart. I used to go there every Monday morning after weekends home when I spent 6 months in the hospital. 

Losing Victory is a gloomy reality now. It just better not be replaced by a goddamn Family Mart. 

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