Koenjagaya Massive Triple Event Weekend

One of the great things about Koenji and Asagaya is the number of cool events taking place on a regular basis. One week might be a festival of circus performers, magicians and buskers on the side streets of Koenji, while the next weekend could be a Hawaiian Festival in Asagaya. Only to be followed by a series of flea markets, handmade markets, food festivals, and on and on.

This weekend is somewhat of a Perfect Storm of Festivals… if a perfect storm can be a good thing.


Today kicks off at around noon with Asagaya’s premiere annual event—Asagaya Jazz Streets. I didn’t do a post on Jazz Streets last year, as I had family visiting, but there are posts from 2014 and 2015. It runs Friday through Saturday. (Today is gloriously sunny, while tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain.)


If you’re not a jazz fan, fear not, for KoenjiFes has got you covered.  Local Koenji magazine Show-off has been organizing KoenjiFes for a decade now and it keeps getting bigger and better. Running Saturday through Sunday, you can catch rock, ska, blues bagpipes, and yes, even more jazz. The festival also has a variety of street performers (mimes, comedians, etc.) as well as pro wrestling. Yes, live matches with superflies and body slams in a real pro wrestling ring erected at the station’s north exit.


Sunday also brings something for the kiddies, and is no doubt the cutest event of the year. Asagaya Pearl Shotengai hosts their annual Halloween Costume Contest. It starts at 2:00 pm and is under the cover of the shotengai, so it’s not affected by the forecasted rain we’re all hoping doesn’t come.

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