Smoke-Free-Baby-Friendly Izakaya

NOTE: This post was actually written in December 2016. I think I was waiting to edit some photos before hitting PUBLISH. However, seeing as this site has been gasping for breath on life support for the past 18 months, I decided I should get uploading. Having a kid and writing two novels can evidently keep a person busy. So without further ado…


Whoever said having a baby was easy–oh wait, nobody’s ever said that. The recent awesome little addition to my life has made this already-too-parsimonious site even more so. But c’est la vie as they say in France and shoganai as they say in Japan. So the first post back in months is marginally family-oriented. And odds are more family-friendly venues will start creeping in here.

Now, promoting a baby-friendly izakaya (ie: a baby-friendly Japanese drinking establishment) may sound strange–or at odds with good parenting, but it is smoke-free. And neither my wife or I drink. However, visitors from overseas (ie: a new auntie and grandparents) may grow tired of dining out at famiresu (ie: family restaurants, ファミレス). As do I.

Thankfully, we found a smoke-free, non-chain, non-famiresu joint with amazing food and staff right on Asagaya’s Suzuran shotengai.

Torimaru (full name: Sumibi Daidokoro Torimaru) is a smoke-free, baby-friendly izakaya with a top-notch menu.

Opened in November 1998, the staff is cheerful, friendly and very accommodating. They made room for our (rather large) stroller, insisting that we bring it inside.

ADDED 2018: Seeing as the Tokyo Government has despicably broken their promise to ban indoor smoking before the 2020 Olympics, this place has turned out to be an even greater find. 🙂

All-you-can-drink All-you-can-drink
Course Course (up to ¥3,000),Course (¥3,000 – ¥4,000),Course (¥5,000 – ¥8,000)
Drink Japanese sake (Nihonshu),Japanese spirits (Shochu),Wines,Cocktails,Particular about Japanese sake (Nihonshu),Particular about Japanese spirits (Shochu)
Dishes Particular about vegetable,Particular about fish,Health/beauty menu


Shop info:
Torimaru (炭火台所 鶏丸)
1-9-6 Asagaya-Minami
Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0004
Tel: (03) 5306-0505
17:00 to 1:00 (LO 24:30)
Email:none found
Twitter: none found

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