Asagaya Swing Walk

The 5th Asagaya Swing Walk was a big hit on the Asagaya Pearl Shotengai. The shopping arcade turns into a music festival with small busking stations from beginning to end. The array of instruments include the banjo, mandolin, violin, accordion, saxophone, kazoo, spoons, washboard, and more! It’s a free festival (tip your buskers!) that runs from 13:00 to…

Christmas Clowns & Riverboat Jazz

Just another reason to love Asagaya. There was a small troop of street performers enhancing the mood along the Pearl Shotengai on this fine Sunday.    

The Koenji Rice Rice Meal Meal Project

Twenty shops, ten tickets, one stomach. And fifteen-hundred yen. The rice event of the year went down in Koenji today: The G-Meshi 88 (or Gメシ★88 or Gohan Meshi). Gohan, by the way, is Japanese for “cooked rice” or “meal”. And meshi is Japanese for “cooked rice” or “meal”. No, that’s not typo. It was our third…

Koenji Handmade City

  The second event in Koenji today is just a few steps down the hill from the Kushi Kushi Battle. Artists and artisans have their creations on display and for sale at Koenji Tezukuri-Shi (Koenji Handmade City / 高円寺てづくり市). The event is organized by Aozora Koten Atelier and has different participants on Saturday and Sunday. So it’s…

Kushi Kushi Battle in Koenji

This was the first of three festivities in Koenji today. “Kushi” (串) is “skewer” in Japanese. It is one of the few kanji that is actually recognizable as a pictogram. It is also an effective way to serve up easy edibles. Seafood, veggies, meat – anything that can fit on a stick goes on a stick….

Asagaya Jazz Streets 2014

A little video compilation I made of the incredible annual Jazz Streets festival in Asagaya last month.