Live House

Penguin House: Indie, various
Moon Stomp: Indie, jazz, various
Club Roots: DJ, hip hop, dance, weird
Koenji High: Hard, soft & in between and a (supposedly) cap of 600
Show Boat: One of Koenji’s biggest with capacity for 330 people
Club Mission’s: Street-level. Eclectic (punk, rockabilly, visual kei, goth, etc.)


Secret Base Zero: 2 dudes who love reggae. All drinks 500 yen. 2F. seats 12.
B-Glad: Spacious basement bar, free pool, 2 dart machines, foosball, etc.
Dope Soul Trax (DST): Tiny dance club, lotsa vinyl
Rock Ya!: A 70s rock bar run by a guy, his wife, two turntables and their massive vinyl collection


Akaten: 30 years of delicious gyoza. Seats five, open 6pm-9pm
Miyagawa:The best yakitori in Tokyo
Tensuke Tempura: Awesome tempura, seating for about eight
Gut’s Soul: Yakiniku (All-you-can eat meat from 1280 yen)
Baan Esan: Thai
Chopsticks: Vietnamese
Dachibin: Okinawan with atmosphere
Zats Burger Café: Home of the kick ass Sasebo Burger in Tokyo
Yonchome Café: Cool 2F restaurant/café patio overlooking Koenji Station South Exit.
Ichizo Ramen: awesome spicy miso thin noodle ramen and gyoza
Ramen Dai: large portions, thick noodles; ramen-only menu
Soba Chaya (そば茶屋): Edo-style soba & udon shop on the PAL shotengai
Zabon (ザボン): Damn good ramen open 6:00PM – 4:00AM.


The Koenji: Small hostel 45 seconds from Koenji JR Station, single rooms 2,500/night

Music stores

Mezurashiya: Great source of vinyl & 45’s. Lots of old Japanese punk [CLOSED]
Record Boy!: Underground hardcore punk and lots of death metal
European Papa: Used vinyl and CDs. All genres.
Record Shop Base: Punk, hardcore, independent (south)
Gojuppo Hyappo (五十歩百歩): small shop with a mix of rock, jazz, blues, world (north)


Takano: Cheap produce market. N. Exit b/w McD’s & 7-11. Closes 7pm/Sunday
Tokyo-ya: Imported snacks & condiments (2 stores down from Takano).
OK Mart: Best prices for groceries and booze. Straight out S. Exit one block
Kakuyasu: Big discount liquor shop

Free Wi-Fi

Becks Coffee (Koenji JR Station)
Planet 3rd
Coffee Amp

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