Busker’s Paradise

The Koenji Bikkuri Daidogei (高円寺びっくり大道芸) was initially held to mark the opening of the neighbourhood’s new public theatre, Za Koenji (which has a great little market last week). The Daidogei (Japanese for street performance) has since grown into a fairly large event, replete with jugglers, clowns, mimes, acrobats, musicians and all artists outside or in…

Christmas Clowns & Riverboat Jazz

Just another reason to love Asagaya. There was a small troop of street performers enhancing the mood along the Pearl Shotengai on this fine Sunday.    

Koenji Handmade City

  The second event in Koenji today is just a few steps down the hill from the Kushi Kushi Battle. Artists and artisans have their creations on display and for sale at Koenji Tezukuri-Shi (Koenji Handmade City / 高円寺てづくり市). The event is organized by Aozora Koten Atelier and has different participants on Saturday and Sunday. So it’s…

Asagaya Jazz Streets 2014

A little video compilation I made of the incredible annual Jazz Streets festival in Asagaya last month.