Koenjagaya Massive Triple Event Weekend

One of the great things about Koenji and Asagaya is the number of cool events taking place on a regular basis. One week might be a festival of circus performers, magicians and buskers on the side streets of Koenji, while the next weekend could be a Hawaiian Festival in Asagaya. Only to be followed by…

“KoenjiFes” Street Festival 2015

This past weekend (Oct 31-Nov 1) Koenji played host to its ever-growing street festival called Koenjifes. Just more to add to the towering pile of evidence that Koenjagaya is the coolest district in Tokyo. Koenjifes is a two-day street festival that began just a few years ago in 2011. Up and down the village’s many…

Asagaya Jazz Streets 2015

The 21st annual Asagaya Jazz Streets was last weekend. Construction at Suginami City Hall caused its stage to relocate to building’s side facing the much busier/louder street of Ome-Kaido. And while the space was a bit more cramped, the traffic wasn’t much of a factor. And it is a much sunnier spot. There were some…

Christmas Clowns & Riverboat Jazz

Just another reason to love Asagaya. There was a small troop of street performers enhancing the mood along the Pearl Shotengai on this fine Sunday.    

Asagaya Jazz Streets 2014

A little video compilation I made of the incredible annual Jazz Streets festival in Asagaya last month.