Autumn Leaves Light Up

One of the best things about autumn in Japan is not only the abundance of, but the appreciation for, koyo (紅葉 or autumn leaves). And one of the great things about Suginami-ku is the abundance of parks. This, of course, means one can enjoy koyo without leaving the city — or maybe even the neighbourhood….

A Southern Neighbour (Sometimes)

Koenjagaya has some neighbours of note and it would be remiss to exclude them based solely on geography. Therefore, I should on occasion remark on noteworthy places adjacent to Koenjagaya (ie: Nakano, Ogikubo, Nerima and others within Suginami). Qjitsuya (pronounced “Kyu-jit-su-ya”) is one such neighbouring establishment. Still within Suginami-ku, it is further south, well-hidden deep within a…